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6WeekSocial is a postnatal course for mums and their babies which offers new mums friendship and community along with tailored specialist advice and support. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and insight provided by a team of experts, delivered over 6 weekly sessions, and a group of mum friends to stand with you well after the last session together. This is why it's the "must-do course for new mums".

For over 8 years, 6WeekSocial has been supporting mums emotionally, informatively and to connect socially.  


 6WeekSocial sessions provide you with skills and support to enjoy your time with your baby, confident in the knowledge that you're doing brilliantly (whether you've brushed your hair and changed out of your Pj's, or not). 


Behind every great mum is a tribe of other great mums who have her back.


“I joined 6WeekSocial 2 weeks after my son was born, as I wanted to have something to look forward to in the first few, very difficult weeks, where you feel like you have no structure. I loved the focus of the sessions around recovering from birth and support for women's health and wellbeing.  It was a great opportunity to meet other mums in the same head space and bring some focus on looking after, and being kind to yourself.

Sam - September/October course, Hertford

Who is 6WeekSocial for?


6WeekSocial is for mums with new babies, 0-6 months. Whether this is your first baby or your last, 6WeekSocial offers a unique course that helps to support you in this exciting, yet challenging, new chapter.


Our course is for mums who are looking to connect with other local mums and postnatal professionals all in one place.  Maybe you're new to the area? Maybe this is your second baby and you would like to meet new mum friends who have babies of a similar age? You might have concerns over your postnatal recovery or how much sleep your baby should be getting. You might have questions regarding yours and your baby's health and well-being.  If you relate to any of this then 6WeekSocial is the course for you.


6WeekSocial is for any new mum who is looking for fourth trimester support, that combines a mummy network of friends, alongside evidence based knowledge delivered by our team of postnatal specialists. 

Sessions & Specialists


6WeekSocial courses consist of 6 weekly sessions offering a non-judgemental safe space, aimed at caring for mum. Each session is hosted by one of our incredible team of professional women, sharing insight, tips and advice on their specific postnatal subject.  Click here to read more on course info



Our specialist led sessions empower you in your parental choices. All our qualified  experts are here to provide you with knowledge and advice on matters that will be important and relevant to you.  Need to talk to the sleep specialist? Want to know what exercise you can start doing and when? How to deal with childhood illnesses with confidence? We share advice on all this as well as other topics such as sharing birth stories, how to care for your postnatal body, reflecting on your journey into motherhood and your well-being. Click her to view all our Session Specialists 

"I can highly recommend 6WeekSocial. The mums I have meet I now call friends and we are already planning on meeting up after the course has finished.

5 weeks down the line I am so glad I signed up to the course as I've really enjoyed not only meeting the other mums and their babies but the talks by the experts have been great."

Harriet - September/October course, Hitchin


Friendship & Support

Through our 6WeekSocial courses we create a community of other local mums from which to build those much needed support networks. After all, who can do motherhood without mum friends! 6WeekSocial provides a supportive, nurturing and relaxing environment where bonds with other new mums can be made that will last well beyond the end of the course. 

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