Amanda Rolph

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You are the perfect parent for your baby; trust your gut instinct and you won't go far wrong.

Amanda is an experienced early years teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-Coordinator (SENCO), and mum to two beautiful children. She shares that “when I had my son back in 2015, becoming a mum knocked me sideways. 

No one really talks about the not-so-fun stuff that life with a new baby can bring – the lack of sleep, the feeding merry-go-round, that feeling like you’ve ‘lost your old self’!


Through mindfulness, meditation and holistic therapies, I slowly began to learn more about myself and to uncover the joy that lies within us all.


My experiences and background have enabled me to create a bespoke Mindful Magic course for new mums and their babies with the aim to calm, relax and settle into ourselves, taking a few minutes to just ‘be’."