Hertford Course Schedule

**Some sessions and specialists may be subject to change - you will be notified before the course you are booked onto starts, if this is the case**

Anna Fignon - Midwife
Week 1 - Rose Bedford

Consultant midwife at Lister Hospital.  


We are thrilled to have Rose join us as we meet and get to know each other during this first session.  


​Giving birth is one of the most profound, life changing events that you will ever experience and the sharing of our birth stories (whether it be positive, negative, traumatic or euphoric) is an important process to reflect and retell in a caring and supportive environment with a professional who has had years of personal and professional experience. *


* This is a safe and confidential space. Any information shared is confidential and treated with utmost respect by everyone in the room. Please feel that you may share as little or much information as you wish and that no judgments will be made. 

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