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What is 6WeekSocial?


6WeekSocial is a postnatal, educational, support group for mums. It's the place for mums and their new babies to come and relax, meet and bond with other local mums and gain a wealth of knowledge provided by specialist during our weekly sessions.

Having a baby is something to celebrate, but it can also tough especially during these times. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, you'll be adjusting to new routines, changes to your body, shifts in your relationships and uncovering a new flow to your daily life.

For over 7 years we've been helping mum's to meet these changes, together.  6WeekSocial gives you the skills and support to enjoy your time with your baby, confident in the knowledge that you're doing brilliantly (whether you've brushed your hair and changed out of your pj's or not).  The support of other mum's can be a life line in those early months, and we love watching new friendships grow.

What we provide is more than just a social though...

6WeekSocial gives you access to local Hertfordshire experts who can help you navigate life with a new baby.  Throughout the 6 weekly sessions a family of specialists will help you reflect on birth stories, learn about your baby's sleep patterns, understand more about the postnatal changes in your body and how to look after yourself physically and emotionally.  There are also sessions where we look at and discuss your maternity rights, options for returning to work or deciding not to as well as sessions on baby development, feeding and more.

All this helps to create a supportive and nurturing group, sharing time together, bonding, connecting and building new friendships.

Session Content

Our groups are small, with no more than 12 mums, and are run over 6 weeks. Each session is held on the same day, at the same time over the course period.  During each session we are joined by a different specialist who covers a range of relevant and informative topics.

Our sessions are currently being held online due to the current government restrictions. We have found this has worked really well over the pandemic period with mums being able to link-up and gain insight from our session experts, as well as a means for meeting and making those first connections with other local mums on the course.

Below is an example of a how the 6 weekly sessions are laid out. The specialists are subject to change depending on course area.  You can see details on all our supporting specialist here...











































Birth Stories


HR Maternity rights


Sleep specialist


First aid for parents


Postnatal Physiotherapist

Session 6

Postnatal therapy

Social Pram Walks

In addition to the online sessions we now offer our NEW weekly pram walks! 


The pram walks will be hosted by ourselves (Tracey and Sarah) and will be held in a local park or beauty spot. The pram walks are our ‘soft introduction’ to meeting socially and safely outside where social distancing can be maintained. The walks will be informal giving all mums from the course the opportunity to meet face to face, share stories, chat, take some light exercise and make those connections. We, (Sarah and Tracey) will be on hand for extra support to make sure everyone feels welcome.  And remember, we will have all met virtually!


Price £95 for 6 Weeks

Sleeping Newborn

“I loved the birth stories session. It was a great way to get to know the other girls and incredibly insightful”

— New Mum, Hertford

Mother and Baby

“A really enjoyable course covering some interesting and really useful topics as well as being a good way of meeting other mums. Something I would definitely recommend”

— First Time Mum, Hitchin

Sofa Sessions

Yellow Couch

The sofa sessions were first introduced during lock-down. Having worked so well and receiving such positive feedback, we decided to make them a permanent feature.


The online session are hosted each month by a guest speaker. Previous sessions have covered topics on child development, toddler road awareness, maternal mental health and birthing plans.  Details on future session are released on our Facebook and Instagram page.

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