Jo Diplock - Women's Health Specialist

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Meet your body where it is right now. Not where you wish it to be or where it used to be but where it actually is right now. Use that meeting to work forwards one step at a time to where you want to be.

Amongst other things (lover of Phil Collins, rosé wine, Pilates) Jo is a pre and post-natal exercise specialist interested in all aspects of women's health. Using her knowledge and understanding of the challenges that parenthood can bring both mentally and physically to your health and fitness, Jo writes and delivers programmes online and in person. Her programmes are designed specifically to help women train smarter for their bodies, hormones and - being a mother herself - with their time demands in mind. 


Jo set up the Motherhood Movement programmes because she noticed a lot of women were starting their fitness journey after birth at the level they left off at during or before pregnancy. Some were even challenging themselves to something new and more difficult without considering the foundation strength level they needed first having undergone pregnancy and had a baby. 


Those who had done their rehab exercises had perhaps done the initial level and then found there was no intermediate to take them from this to their prior level of exercise (perhaps running or cross fit). The programmes were created to bridge that gap between birth back to full fitness and beyond!


Jo states “having created these programmes to bridge that gap, I wanted to get involved with 6 Week Social to spread the word that this fitness level of "the right rehab, more than rehab and back to full fitness" does exist rather than just going back in at the level you came out at or feeling lost at where to begin. Whether you want to just get back to running, feel more yourself, improve your mental and physical health or be functional in your core and pelvic floor to enjoy life with your family - I want to help new mums do that”.