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Laura Jackson and Jo Diamond also join us on our final week in Hertford, to share more about their business, Relax Kids.


Both ladies have many years of experience working with children of different ages and have seen first-hand how life can be challenging and stressful at such an early age.


They both feel passionate about being able to help families navigate the world we live in by sharing  simple mindfulness exercises, and this often needs to start with the parents.


During their sessions we loosen up with some stretches, do a few fun ‘exercises’ and get tips on how to bring calmness to ourselves and into our home. 


It is so important to try and take some time out for yourself (which is especially tricky when juggling life with a new baby) to treat yourself to moments of inner calm.


And although this is easier said than done, spending a little bit of time with Laura and Jo will have you feeling more relaxed and aware of what you are able to do realistically to have a more balanced, calmer day.


Mindfulness has been acknowledged to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, boost self-esteem, aid concentration and slow down the ageing process. 

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