Natasha Crowe - Psychotherapist

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I’d encourage any new mum to come and join the 6 Week Social community. It is a great way to meet other mums, get access to some great resources and expert knowledge.

Natasha has been involved with 6 Week Social right from the very start and continues to be a strong and empowering guide to not only us but so many other local mums who have had the pleasure of knowing her.


A qualified psychotherapist with a busy practice in Ware, and mum to two girls, Natasha not only brings her professional experiences and expertise but also her personal achievements and challenges to her 6 Week Social session.


Natasha’s practice and work includes supporting women through fertility issues, pregnancy and beyond from Hypno-Birthing, to post-natal depression, relationships, self-image and confidence. 


Becoming a parent can be confronting, challenging and a rollercoaster of emotions. Natasha helps support both women and men adjust to their new lives, supporting them along their journey. 


During her 6WeekSocial session we talk and explore the feeling bought about by the Matrescence period = the birth of the mother. She will ask how are YOU doing? Which in itself is a powerful question when we are given the space to think about it and answer truthfully to someone who truly wants to know. What might have changed now that baby has arrived? What’s good and what’s not so good? Natasha will support us as we talk about expectations, relationships, feelings and everything in between in a safe and held space within the 6WeekSocial group.