Teresa Flanagan

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support when needed.

Teresa is a proud Mummy to three girls and lives in Hitchin with her Husband John. 

She is extremely passionate about being a good role model to their girls and teaching them that by having a positive mindset, anything is possible!


After working as a newborn and family photographer for several years, Teresa noticed that she was meeting more and more mums who felt lost and needed support  - 

to reconnect with themselves and explore their options within this new motherhood journey.


Teresa trained as a Life Coach and NLP practitioner and now specialises in empowering women and supporting mums together with positivity and mindset training. 

She provides individual coaching sessions, small group sessions and workshops both online and face-to-face.


‘I remember exactly how I felt after having my children and as much as I loved becoming a mum, I often felt lost and lonely!’


Being a mum often brings upheaval in a women’s life, from relationship and career changes to different inner beliefs and values.

A new normal is the last thing on our mind as we prepare for our baby and is certainly out to the back of our mind with all the new adjustments we make as a family that has now grown.

The advice that I would offer to a new mum is to be kind to yourself and give yourself time to adjust. 

Us mums can be really hard on ourselves!