About Us

Tracey Mornington-West

Hi,  I’m Tracey, mum to one, step-mum to 3, wife, sister, daughter and aunt.  By profession, I'm an Early Years Practitioner and Montessori Teacher. 


I’m pretty much all about those early years of life and the importance of attachment to others and the environment. For me, the more holistic and organic we can be in our approach to motherhood and raising our children, the more balanced we feel as individuals.

Before having my son, Roni,  I was carefree, living in Mallorca working as a Nanny. Becoming a mum shifted my priorities from getting the most out of life for myself to getting it right for him. 


The transition from just me, to me and my baby was more difficult than I had anticipated. I had read the baby books and I had some experience with my Nannying role, but I still found myself trying to 'fit in' to my new responsibility emotional unprepared.


Roni was delivered by C-section.  I had so wanted to have a natural birth. But he was delivered healthy, with all fingers and toes, I was blessed. 

All mothers will have their own unique birth story.  As a women, I believed that I would automatically fall into motherhood, instinctively knowing what to do.  And for the most part I did; we do. But becoming a mother is a change in who you are and that I had not prepared for. 

I found my reassurance and guidance came from others mums who were also going through the same new life phase. Those mum’s are still my best friends today – 15 years on.


This is where I recognise the significance of 6WeekSocial and the work of Rebecca and the specialists.  


6WeeKSocial was started as a social support group for new mothers. To create connections and help mums to feel empowered.  And, with the knowledge and expertise shared by the experts, giving confidence in knowing that even when the days seem long and the nights lonely - you’ve got this!

Sarah Taylor



I’m Sarah, originally from Newcastle, and after leaving school I attended Hertfordshire University where I completed an Engineering Business degree. I then moved to Bedfordshire to start a new job and a family followed shortly after.  I have 3 nearly grown up children, boy, girl, boy.

You may be thinking why am I starting 6WeekSocial with nearly 3 grown up children, when I could be embracing my new found freedom and other childfree exciting adventures?! Well becoming a mum for the first, second or third time will always bring new and unexpected changes not only to you as a person, but your whole life!  


So this is how my story goes….

My first son was born not long after I started my new career, returning to full time work just four months later, working really long hours and somehow managing to juggle both; was extremely challenging and exhilarating to say the least!  As I was the first amongst my group of friends to have a baby; at times I felt quite isolated.

Four years later I gave birth to my baby girl; my now four-year old was struggling in childcare so I made the decision not to go back to work. My partner at the time returned back to his job and life continued pretty much as normal for him.  I on the other hand didn’t know anyone else who’d had a baby, or young children to chat and have coffee with.  My son had boundless energy and I had to exercise him every day like a puppy, so operation make a friend was born! 


Walking in parks with my new baby and four-year old boy making random conversations with other mums and planning meet ups for another day became quite a task, like some kind of weird dating app! I would often arrange to meet them later on in the week and joke that I would be the one wearing the red carnation.  Although this method worked well, it was quite stressful and could have been perceived as a bit odd!  Ok it was definitely odd.  Luckily for me my canny personality and wit won most of them over!  I did make some lovely friends and it was a game changer in terms of having a social life with plenty of play-dates!  So that was that, friends were made and future mothers were left in peace to visit the parks!

When I first heard about 6WeekSocial I thought it was an amazing concept, and wished it had been around when my children were little – however I am still very passionate about the journey of motherhood and want to give something more to the community that increasingly lacks compassion and knowledge - Parents are people not just statistics and I believe to make a difference in just one person’s life is one of the greatest achievements anyone can hope for.  I love the model of 6WeekSocial, especially the group of specialists who cover a wide range of topics with non-biased factual information, most of which as a new mum you may not be aware of until you attend the course.  At 6WeekSocial we provide a range of fantastic courses specially designed to provide new and existing mums an opportunity to meet other mums who are at the same stage of motherhood as you.

I am excited to be following on from the work that Rebecca Rees; the Founder of 6WeekSocial started.  I am an advocator of supporting new mums and their babies, having a network of friends to share their experiences is invaluable.  6WeekSocial is a central point with shared interests; forming bonds with other mums and the expert advice the specialists bring each week give a much needed chance to ask questions and share experiences for everyone.


Sharing these new beginnings with my fabulous friend Tracey is the start of a new and exciting  journey.


Big hugs and kisses

Sarah xx

Rebecca Rees - The Founder of 6WeekSocial

Rebecca founded 6WeekSocial after the birth of her first child. Being new to the Herford area, she didn’t know anyone and had no idea what was ahead of her as she started on the path as a new mum.


Rebecca says – “Thrown in at the deep end after needing a C-section (Elliott was breech), I really struggled trying to feed my baby and get him to put weight on. I felt like I really didn’t get to enjoy my new baby and was just wishing that time away.  I had put far too much pressure on myself, as well as feeling the weight of judgment from so many around me. I wasn’t sure where to turn for the right information and I didn’t have a group of other mums around me to help make life that little bit easier”.


​Rebecca started a group to cater for mums and babies across East and North Hertfordshire that found themselves in a similar position to herself facing the same experiences in those early postnatal months – 6WeekSocial was born! 


She created 6WeekSocial for mums to feel empowered, supported and to know that they’re not alone - when the days seem long and the nights feel lonely as you get up for those feeds, the 6WeekSocial community is there to support you.


6WeekSocial continued to grow from the very first group back in 2011. Rebecca’s joy and passion for 6WeekSocial was evident in her love of putting on meet-ups for pregnant new mums with some of her proudest moments being witness to new friendships bloom between new mums from being on the 6WeekSocial course.