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  • This isn’t my first baby but I want to meet other mums - Can I still join a course?
    Yes, absolutely! We have lots of second time and third time mums attend the course. They say that 6WeekSocial is just what they were looking for in meeting other local mums with babies of a similar age as their baby. The specialists still provide useful information, some of which you won’t have heard before, or advice that may have changed since having your first. Unfortunately we are unable to cater for siblings who are crawling or walking during the 6WeekSocial sessions.
  • I have twins - do I pay twice?
    No! You pay the same price for twins as you would for one baby - we welcome twins and multiples :)
  • Where are 6 week sessions held?
    We hold courses in Hertford, Harpenden, Hitchin. Please see ‘About The Sessions’ for more information on where and how to book.
  • Is this a course for me or baby?
    6WeekSocial is primarily a course for you, where you can meet other new mums in your local community. There are lots of fantastic groups and courses for baby but we feel it is so important to focus on you as a new mum and make you feel supported. We have worked with local postnatal and women's health specialists to develop a course that enables you to feel more confident and empowered as a new mum. We want you to look forward to each weekly session and discover lots of interesting facts and handy practical tips along the way, as well connecting with other mums and making new friendships.
  • Is there any flexibility with moving on to a later course if my baby arrives late ?
    Obviously not all baby's arrive on their due date. There may also be situations where you don't feel ready or well enough to start the course. if baby is late or you are not quite ready to start the course we are able to move you to the next course date. We will do our best to accommodate you and your baby’s needs.
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