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 Clare is a primary school teacher, an education researcher and E-Learning specialist. She has worked across three continents with businesses and education ministries. She is a mum of three, now bigger, children.  

Passionate about learning,  Clare has seen too many children arrive at school not 'ready' and not 'thrive'. In her search to find a solution to this problem she discovered the science of the first 1000 days of life.  This research and science shows that from pregnancy to two there is an amazing window of opportunity for baby’s learning and development that sets the foundation for the rest of your baby’s life learning.


Clare’s mission is to help every child (and their parent) to love learning, in whatever form that takes.  So, she built the Oliiki app, to help parents spark their baby’s adventures in learning and build their baby’s brain through simple daily play activities.


Clare  also works to support couples in their parenting journey. Clare says, "building parental confidence helps children learn and creates a happier parenting experience."  Oliiki  is an app to help parents spark their baby’s adventures in learning and support their parenting journey. 

In Clare session we look at how best to support yours and your baby's learning journey. We talk about what stage of their development they are currently in and how to support that and what stage is approaching and activity suggestions to engage in that milestone. 

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