Sam MacKay 

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Try not to compare yourself or your baby. Go at your own pace and enjoy every minute

Sam, a first aid expert – designed and developed KeepaBeat in Hertfordshire 7 years ago.

Now a nationwide brand, KeepaBeat’s unique First Aid programme covers all your baby first aid needs; choking, CPR, Asthma, Sepsis, seizures, bumps, bruises and bandaging cuts. 


KeepaBeat pride themselves on running warm and inclusive classes that go the extra mile to ensure that you leave satisfied that you have a grasp on all of your babies first aid needs. 


Nearly half of expectant parents (44%) have not learned basic First Aid in preparation for the arrival of their baby and one third of all parents have had to rush their children in to hospital at some point. 

Far too many of us are too scared to deliver the life saving First Aid care that is needed to save lives and a recent survey showed that 82% of parents would not know what to do if their child fell over, started to choke or was burnt.

It is this that drives the KeepaBeat team who won’t stop until they make sure our precious little ones are in the safest hands.