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Sarah Cummins

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I am passionate about my work for children and believe that children are born with a desire to learn and interact with the world and it is our job, as the adults, to meet their needs.  From this passion, I  founded an authentic Montessori School and Nursery in Hertfordshire and take pride in its growth and development. 


I am also a mother to two girls and two boys. Parenting is filled with love and challenges! 


I have a bachelors degree in education and a Montessori Diploma from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) at the 3-6 level. I also received the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) this year.


I have worked with children for nearly twenty years in a variety of roles, but mainly, teaching, consultant and advisor. I am passionate about creating environments to meet a baby's/child's needs. Supporting parents  in their role to create a nurturing and supportive environment.  Aiding the growing child's development needs and encourage independence and self-esteem. 


I  love working with the mums  on 6WeekSocial and their baby's;  introducing them to the home pleasures of a Montessori inspired environment. To empower them within their role as a mother supporting their children to reach their fullest potential.

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