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6WeekSocial PLUS is a new course designed for mums with babies 4 months PLUS.

The challenges and stages of babies lives are ever changing.  Just as you find your flow with one need, another new phase is just around the corner.  Whether it be crawling, weaning, napping or returning to work, there is always a new challenge to move into.  It's with these new and exciting stages in mind that we have created a course to offer advice, support and understanding around specific age related topics relevant to you and your baby.  


Play and Development

Looking at the 4 main areas of baby's play & developmental needs: physical development, language & sound, emotional & social, &  environment around the baby.

Sleep and Naps

This even if sleep and naps are established, regressions (or progressions) at various stages of baby's development can disrupt their sleep patterns. We look at sleep expectations and how to transition through these stages.


Helping to build your confidence around this exciting stage in babies journey towards independence. What are the signs baby is ready and how to approach introducing  solid foods..

Returning to Work

This session explores your options if and when you to return to work. We also discuss  childcare options, what to consider, questions to ask and how to prepare both you and baby for this new chapter.

Return to Exercise

Helping mums get back into exercise with confidence.  Ensuring we are moving our bodies safety and how we can best improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

Motherhood Self-Care

Recognising and making time for your own needs and well-being can sometimes take a back seat when caring for your baby and family. Let's take a moment to think about and share some tips on how we can carve out a little time for ourselves.

6WeekSocial PLUS mum and baby courses bring local mums together for friendship and community.  Just like our original 6WeekSocial courses,  6WeekSocial PLUS aims to bring mums with babies 4 months old PLUS together over 6 weekly sessions for connection, chat and fun.

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