Becoming A New Mum


Having a baby is something to celebrate but it is also a time of change and uncertainty for many women. It’s a time filled with joy yet it can be a time when we can feel at our most vulnerable.

For over seven years, 6WeekSocial has been helping support mums emotionally, informatively and to connect socially.

Moving into motherhood for some can mean the transition from a working life and all its social trimmings to navigating a new rhythm of life that having a new born brings. Whether you are planning to return to work or take some time out to care for your baby at home, we all need support.  6WeekSocial provides a supportive, nurturing and relaxing environment where bonds with other new mums can be made and life-long friendships can be formed.


During these challenging times other mums can be such a life line, particularly during those early months – they become your tribe. 


Being pregnant or having recently given birth during this global pandemic will have heightened so many feelings and emotions and having other mums who are experiencing this too will be even more valuable as we move through this together.

Whether this is your first baby or fourth, you’ll be adjusting to changes in your body, shifts in your relationships and uncovering a new flow in your daily life.  6WeekSocial offers a course to help support you in this exciting new chapter. 


“Spot on. I've learnt something new every week. and as this is my third baby I thought I knew it all! 


Perfect for first times mums, exactly the information you need to know”

— Mum of 3, Hertford

Mother Working from Home

Hands down the best money I’ve spent since becoming a mum.


Not only have I learnt so much and become more confident as a new mummy, I’ve had so much fun meeting a lovely group of women and their babies

— New mummy, Hitchin

Keeping safe during Covid-19

Yours and your baby’s health and well-being are at the forefront of every decision we make which is why we are continuing to hold our sessions online.  At 6WeekSocial we are fortunate that during these times we are still able to provide this supportive service online and now with the addition of  ‘Covid safe’ social meet-ups, outside with our pram walk & talk sessions.


Recognising the health benefits of being outside, taking light exercise and talking with other mums, we are offering our pram walk & talks sessions in the safest way we can, following government guidelines and restrictions until we are able to meet-up as a group inside, safely, once again. This means we do have to limit the course numbers to ensure your safety.

We will get through this together!

6WeekSocial is about mums supporting each other.  Everyone is here to offer friendship, compassion and support.  In these current challenging and unprecedented times this is more important than ever and we are so grateful that we can still offer our award-winning course.

Love and hugs

Tracey and Sarah xx



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