Heidi Hembry - Lactation Consultant

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Heidi is a Lactation Consultant with over 10 years’ experience of breastfeeding support. 


​After struggling to establish and maintain breastfeeding with her first baby, Heidi completed her initial level of breastfeeding training with the Breastfeeding Network (BfN) in 2009, as a Peer Supporter. 


She went on to complete full Supporter Qualifications, followed by Tutor & Supervisor qualifications, all with the BfN. 


After many years of volunteering and working within the BfN and NHS, providing hospital, home and community support, Heidi qualified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in 2015. 


Heidi offers a hands-off, parent-centred approach to support you to feed your baby comfortably and with confidence. 


From antenatal education and preparation, through the first few critical days and weeks, pain, weight and supply concerns, twins and multiples, all the way to going on to solids, returning to work and stopping breastfeeding, Heidi will be able to help you find a breastfeeding relationship that works for you and your baby(ies).


​Heidi really understands and empathises with the challenges and struggles which wanting and trying to breastfeed your baby can bring. We will also cover what the other options are, what to do if you are unable or don't wish to breastfeed, the various feelings that this highly emotive subject can bring as well as so much more.


6 Week Social is thrilled to have Heidi as one of our supporting specialists – please contact Heidi directly by clicking on the link above or contact us if you would like more support during your feeding journey.